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Active Directory Design

If you have a Windows-based environment then Active Directory is one of the crucial parts of IT infrastructure because all the applications and tools are integrated with Active Directory for authentication, single sign-on, and directory browsing. If there will be any kind of outage in AD, it can stall the entire IT operations of an organization. The first thing Active Directory admin ensures is the stability, availability, and security of the Active Directory environment.

AD Health Check

Discover the amazing benefits of Active Directory Health Check along with Far Out Solutions. Also, ask for appropriate help and support on various technical issues related to this concept.  

The necessity of AD Health Check  

The importance of Active Directory should be understood before concentrating on the necessity of AD Health Check. Since the active directory is the core of network administration and security it enforces various security policies for the entire computer system and its users. This is perhaps the basic cause to go for an appropriate health check regarding the performance efficiency for enhancing authentication of computer devices.  

Benefits of AD Health Check

  • Ensures optimum efficiency;
  • Enhances the security aspects;
  • Ensures backup and restoration;
  • Efficient performance of MS Exchange & SharePoint;

Performing a thorough AD Health Check

Far Out Solutions provides cream-quality support on maintaining the smooth performance of the Active Directory. Depending on your organization’s infrastructure and production pattern our experts can offer you the best possible solution for ensuring security and managing AD-related services such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. In fact, with Far Out Solutions’ support you are now able to manage the storage space of the server efficiently to reduce overhead. Besides these clients are also invited to visit our FAQs page which may help them to solve problems of their own.

We especially welcome people to avail of our telephonic service where our experts will be dealing with your problems directly. It’s a 24-hour tech solution company aiming to offer its quality service to reputed IT consultants and Managed Service Providers.  

Active Directory Design and Design Verification

Over the years the wings of Active Directory have fathomed their root in the world of Information Technology. Considering its importance in managing several Microsoft applications an appropriate Active Directory Design must be prepared for efficient integration of directory services indispensable for enterprise benefit.  

Designing AD

Depending on the complexity of the technology Active directory should be designed in such a way that is readily comprehensible and easily applicable in the existing IT environment of the organization. Today there are numerous online IT support companies that provide help on AD design. But it’s tough to find out the best among them. In this respect, two things should be taken into consideration firstly the quality of service and secondly its frequency. We at Far Out Solutions are highly focused on these two aspects which can be experienced whenever you avail of our services. Our guidance tips will certainly help you to reduce the time and effort spent on managing the AD services by offering you appropriate design depending on your physical and logical environment.  

Benefits of AD design:

  • More centralized administrative control;
  • Perfect distribution of shared resources;
  • Helps in the smooth running of networking system;
  • Enhances the security aspect of the organization;

Looking for help on AD design? 

While seeking support on designing Active directory clients are mainly concerned about two things. Firstly, the design should be compatible with the data volume, the pattern of IT services provided by the company, and the technical infrastructure, and secondly the charges related to the design.

We at Far Out Solutions value this fact and try to satisfy client needs most efficiently. Our guidance on AD design is simple and straightforward but extremely result-oriented by nature. Moreover, we always concentrate on the comprehensibility of our assistance so that it becomes readily acceptable to the employees of each level. Apart from this, we try to provide a design solution that is easily deployable and can be completely integrated with the existing IT environment.

Our talented experts offer you instant telephonic help on sophisticated design and several issues that you may face while implementing the same in our organization. We are a 24 * 7 service provider that delivers solutions by provisioning clients to have direct contact with the engineers which equally true for our Live Chat option. Stop surfing the net in search of appropriate service and contact us to get all your queries answered within a moment.  

Active Directory Migration and Upgrades

Upgrading technology to the latest version essentially means accessing its improved and new features to reap the maximum business benefit. Regarding Active Directory, it’s like a combination of services that runs on PCs with Windows operating systems. Hence, it can easily understand that sophisticated support is essential while performing Active Directory Migration and Upgrade.  

Why upgrade or migrate?

Depending on the vast usability it’s absolutely important to install the latest version of AD on your- computers and servers. Since Active Directory provides support on various complex Microsoft technologies and since technologies are developing at a rocket pace it has become indispensable to upgrade your existing AD version to maintain compatibility with modern techniques.  

Benefits of AD Migrations and Upgrades:

  • Add new workstation with the help of XML files
  • Automatic updating of managed service accounts
  • Efficient folder synchronization on multiple servers
  • Enhanced security aspects for protecting branch servers

Help on AD Migration and Upgrade 

Our exposure to help and support AD Migration and Upgrade crucially focuses on quality and frequency of service. Far Out Solutions engineers provide sophisticated solutions through an uninterrupted networking system to clients all over the world. Our guidance is readily comprehensible and perfectly suitable in respect of your IT infrastructure. Before delivering any assistance, our technical expertise performs a thorough check on the day-to-day data transaction, business volume, and physical and logical environment of your business. This is essential for offering cutting-edge solutions regarding any specific issue. We even provide authentic support on different migration tools frequently used for this purpose.  

Our service is available for 24 hours and you can communicate with us directly over the phone or through live chat. In both cases, clients are entertained with the utmost care by our engineers. Hence, approach Far Out Solutions for migration help and reap the best from us.  

Active Directory Troubleshooting 

Active Directory is a combination of multiple services running simultaneously needs extreme care for smooth and efficient functioning. Any critical issue related to AD leads to the malfunctioning of several services which can hamper the overall productivity of an organization. That’s why it is necessary that troubleshooting of the same should be done under an expert’s supervision. And if you are looking for the finest quality of assistance then Far Out Solutions can help you fix your problems on AD.  

We recommend troubleshooting whenever you face issues as listed below:

  • The Microsoft Operations Manager or the MOM server is generating alerts
  • Reporting of an event in the event log
  • Any unusual activity noticed by your organization’s IT professional

Common issues of Active Directory

Following are some common issues faced by the users of AD

  • Active Directory Replication between domain controllers not working;
  • Domain control Promotion and Demotion failing;
  • Active Directory and DNS Synch issues;  
  • Users not able to login to the client machine;
  • Time synch issues; 

Benefits of Troubleshooting

  • Ensures up-time of DNS server;
  • Helps in the smooth running of the AD domain services;
  • Hassle-free directory service can safeguard your data;
  • Reduces cost by enhancing windows network performance;


There are enormous Active Directory issues that require a proper troubleshooting guide from experienced IT professionals. Hence, the selection of a renowned tech service provider is essential. That’s why Far Out Solutions is here to help you get rid of all your problems in the most efficient manner. Our instant services are readily comprehensible and are provided depending on your technical infrastructure. Here we are going to provide you the issues on which our experts offer troubleshooting support.  

  • Installation and configuration errors od Active Directory;
  • Problems generated by MOM server;
  • Issues on Directory service log and system monitoring;
  • Issues on network connectivity;
  • Problems related to Authentication and joining;
  • Errors due to inappropriate DNS configuration;
  • Common installation problems of Active Directory;
  • Issues on Domain controller;
  • Record Registration problem of DNS;
  • Typical issues on Access controller;

Our never going down networking service is specially designed for clients from all over the world. We provide telephonic assistance and a live chat option and, in both cases, you will be directly linked with our talented experts.

Moreover, our on-call facility is perfectly a cost-saving one where you pay exactly the amount equivalent to the service delivered by us.


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