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AV Solutions Design & Implementation

Today’s technology is so fast and advances that any normal individual or even a company can easily be left behind. Here’s a great example, go buy any brand of smartphones that you can think of, the most popular ones are of course iPhone series, the Samsung S series and so much more. I can literally fill up a whole page with just the name of the manufacturer alone. Now after you’ve bought it, wait a couple of months and I guarantee it, there’s going to be a new model of that “new” smartphone that you’ve just purchased. Most tech-savvy or tech enthusiasts would call this nowadays as “tech year”. In between each new release or every quarter they consider this as a tech year. If you’ve held on to a device for 12 months that’s already considered as 4 tech years. It is both quite fascinating and a little bit scary at the same time.


MSP BenefitsDo Not Get Left Behind

Now that I’ve at least broaden your understanding about how you have to keep up, let me now introduce one of the most vital components of any technology, the Video, and Audio hardware. The peripherals alone are enough to overwhelm the average joe, trying to discern among the audio cables such as XLR male, XLR female, TRS, RCA cables, to the digital ones, firewire, thunderbolt, MIDI Cables, there’s also the optical cable, which is a whole new category. All of these are just the tip of the iceberg, we haven’t even discussed the video components yet and the amount of information that I’ve hurled at you so far is enough to make you open up a new tab on your browser to check these types of cables.


Allow us, at Far Out Solutions to take care of that soon-to-be surefire headache of an upgrade to your existing audio and video equipment. We’re not talking about an installation that a quick youtube search can fix, it is an installation that will require a professional to assess, plan, and finally execute as a project.


Solutions Designs and Implementation

Designing an upgrade to any infrastructure would take a considerable about of time and effort to do. Taking into consideration all the existing components that can still be integrated with the upgrade is a tedious task, that requires years of experience and expertise. Luckily we have both, let us take care of all that for you. Our highly trained employees, composed of engineers and IT professionals have with them decades of practical knowledge that sets them apart from most. We want every single project that we take on to be as personal as possible, we care about your growth and we’ll grow along with you.

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Ransomware: What it Does to Your System

There are things that we just have to let go in life for us to move forward and evolve. A simple task that might be daunting for others to even try. What if you’re denied access to your very own door, and the key is withheld from you until such time that you are able to pay some amount of money to get it. Would you? In that kind of situation, you have no other choice but to give in to their demands to enter your own home. Now imagine that happens to your personal computer or worst your work computer. It’s a complete nightmare. That is what Ransomware does to your system. It basically blocks all known access to your system, rendering you helpless and stuck.


MSP LogisticsRansomware Prevention

There is no real way to prevent it from affecting your system, the following steps however will outline ways to at least give them a hard time from doing it easily to your system.

• Updating your OS with the latest version
• Allowing software updates for your applications
• Recognizing phishing emails
• Not opening attachments from unsolicited emails
• Not accessing suspicious websites
• Not installing applications that are not from your IT organization


Successfully Defending a Ransomware Attack

Prevention is a must in every system in your office, this will not only save you a lot of money avoiding repairs. It will also ensure continuous service to your clients/customers. We at Far Out Solutions pride ourselves on the 24 hours IT service that will assist you, regardless of the situation, we can also have an onsite IT personnel to further secure your business for any possible threat that remote assistance IT just cannot fix.


System Maintenance and Overall Security

Now that you are aware of how you can prevent and defend against a possible Ransomware attack, here is where the maintenance aspect of it kicks in. Ensuring that your business computers will run on their optimum capability is one of the tasks that our expert IT analyst will continuously monitor. Allowing you to work without ever worrying about the risk of getting your system infected with nasty Ransomware. We will stop it in its track even before getting anywhere near your system. Far Out Solutions way of resolving issues is not a quick fix but a long-term solution.

Password Hacking: Best Way to Prevent It

A lot of today’s network breakdown can be traced back to a single system that has been hacked through its password. Unreasonable as it may sound but a company’s asset and all its confidential information can be manipulated by a hacker who has now gained access to one single system. Shared folders, network drives, spreadsheets, and company receivables are just a few examples of what a small-time password hacker can have access to, would you or anyone else in the company let this ever happen?


Password complexity

Simple prevention would suffice, which can be achieved by implementing a password that has the following criteria.

• Should be at least 8-15 characters long
• Should have an upper case and lower case
• Should have a special character (!@#$%)
• Should have been different from the last 10 passwords that have been used

These restrictions are enforced by most companies in their corporate system. An employee is required to change his/her password every month or every quarter depending on the implementation. However, the threat still exists as 81% of data breaches happen because of passwords. As mentioned by Myki.

The likelihood of one user/company employee trying to use a weak or obvious password is more common than you think. These individuals are either fond of having an easy way of logging into their system or worse keeping their password on a notepad or sticky notes, both are potential risks to the company. Having said all that, the best way to prevent all these potential threats is by eliminating the point of entry, a strong and complex password will go a long way.


Password Manager

One of the best ways to keep your password guarded is through a Password Manager, gone are the days where you have to always worry about your password as a potential risk to the company. There are now services that allow you to update your password with ease, store them and have it encrypted. These are just a few safeguards to have in place for added security. Make no mistake Password Manager services are nothing like the Windows Credential Manager for Windows OS or Keychain in MAC OS, it is more secure and complicated than that. All these protection and prevention can only do so much, you as an employee should be vigilant on how you manage and keep your own password.

VoIP Telephony: Communication and How it Changed the Way We Do Business

The convenience of communication has taken a huge leap forward ever since the world was introduced to the Internet. One of its major aspects that we all take for granted is the VoIP Telephony feature of almost every single device that we own. Let’s face it only a handful of us really knows the in’s and out of this particular technology. Now let me take you a little bit deeper to give you an insight of what it’s really about.


The inner works of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol has come a long way since it was originally conceptualized around 1973. A company was conducting experiments on Network Voice Protocol at the time but has very success over the matter. It was not until around 1995 that the first Internet Phone Software was created. They were able to compress & transmit voice signals to digital packets provided that it will originate and be received by the same type of hardware & software. Nevertheless, the 1st actual VoIP Telephony feature was on its merry way.

Communication at its peak

Nowadays you can simply pick up your phone and call your friend in Paris. Well, you have to get a good network reception or a coffee shop that has free wifi to do so. It wouldn’t require much effort from your part to do just that. Talk to your grandparents or someone who still has a full grasp of what standard mail is, and they’ll tell you that when you try to talk to someone that far away it’ll take months for your letters to be received and another couple of months before you receive a response. You’d think that your grandparents have gone senile telling you that story, but that is how it was back then. Now it’s like sending a text and waiting for a whole minute for a response and we are already livid.


What we use and what is offered

We have a vast amount of applications to choose from on how we want to communicate. Such as Skype, Viber, Google Duo, Messenger, Whatsapp, and the up-and-coming Discord to name a few. Most of these are free and easy enough to use. Chances are if you haven’t been living in a rock for the past few decades you’ve at least heard or used these applications.


Peace of mind

Why spend hours, days, or weeks pondering how you’ll get your network up and running. When there are hundreds if not more companies that take care of that for you so wouldn’t have to. Not an easy task, but making sure that the seamless integration of technology to your business is handled, is a Far Out Solutions way of ensuring your business has one less thing to worry about.

Smart Home Device - Home Automation - Internet of Things

4 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Smart Home Security Systems

It is no secret that smart home security systems are on the rise throughout the United States. Countless security companies advertise their ease of smart systems. Here are a list of four reasons why homeowners are choosing smart security systems:


Lower Your Energy Bills

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners enjoy these security systems is because they save on energy costs. By using these security systems in your home, you do not need to worry that your air conditioning or heating will turn on while you are out. Instead, you simply program the cooling or heating systems to turn on at certain times or according to the weather.


Keep You In Control

Another reason why home security systems are popular is because of the increased control they give homeowners. With the ability to have cameras around the praminidar of your home, you can keep an eye on your home and property. They take security a step further by offering the feature of using cameras indoors. You can even make sure your kids or your pet are not getting into the pantry to sneak a treat.


Up To Date With Technology

They do not call these security systems smart for anything. These systems seamlessly connect with your computer, laptop, iPad, or even your phone. That way, you can always be aware of things around your home whether that is seeing the children playing outside or keeping you and your loved ones safe from a break-in. Not only can you view a live feed of the happenings from your home on your living room couch, but also from anywhere in the United States. That’s right, you can be 2,000 miles away and still access many of the features smart systems have to offer.


There to Protect You

Most importantly, the smart system will keep you and your loved ones safe with door locks, smoke detectors, and other alarm systems. With smart security systems, you can rest easy knowing you truly are safe.


Contact Far Out Solutions to secure your first smart home security system. They have many customizable features to let you live more comfortably. Just a few of the things they offer are door locks, smart lights, smart climate controls, smart access control for garages, smoke detectors, and alarm systems. Do not wait, contact Far Out Solutions, they are the best solution to upgrading your home.

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Security Systems: Protecting Your Most Valued Assets

Our businesses and homes are places we feel secure in. Building security is a preventative measure taken to avoid loss or damage sustained during an attack or breach. Oftentimes, however, we fail to place a strong emphasis on protecting not only the physical structures but also the people who are in the dwellings, the equipment, and the data contained therein. A few simple measures can protect your assets from theft, damage, or compromise.


Physical Access Controls

Access control is the process of restricting access to a particular location within a building or dwelling. Items that can be controlled include, but are not limited to, doors, safes, gates or turnstiles. Some ways to gain access to these areas are through the use of PINs, fingerprints, badges, facial scans and key fobs.


Network Access Controls

In addition to securing access to physical areas in your location, you can also secure network access. Some examples of network access include fire alarms, intruder alarms, lighting, and CCTV. Network access can be unique to each user, which is beneficial in businesses. Network access in homes can be also be allocated according to the user.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance enables users to monitor activity and conditions in and around a building from a remote location. The activity is recorded in real-time and can be collected and stored if desired. Surveillance not only protects buildings from potential break-ins but can also protect against vandalism as well. Surveillance is popular among homeowners as they can view their homes from their mobile devices when on vacation.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is another component of security systems that protect locations from intruders. Some examples of perimeter security include fences, railings, walls, and gates. These structures deter potential intruders from attempting to gain unauthorized access to the property. For heightened security, detection systems and sensors can determine if a person is physically present on a property. Locations needing protection for operations find great benefit to detection systems. Examples of these types of companies would be correctional institutions, government buildings, transportation facilities, and utility buildings.


Insurance Benefits

The addition of security systems can help you earn discounts on your insurance. Whether for a business or a home, many insurance companies provide policy discounts when additional security measures are established. It is felt that these systems reduce risk and are less likely to originate an insurance claim. You should ask your insurance advisor how a security system could help reduce your premiums. This is just one additional way that preventative measures can benefit your home or office.

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HIPAA Compliance and Email Migration

The HIPAA Privacy Rule has been made to establish standards to protect individuals’ medical information. Any kind of personal health information is protected under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. HIPAA also protects those health care providers that share health care transactions electronically.


The HIPAA rules and regulations are sometimes difficult for healthcare providers to abide by. This is especially true for healthcare providers who are newer to the healthcare field. They need to go through some special training to help them understand why HIPAA has been enforced, and how they can keep enforcing it in their everyday routines. People naturally talk about what they know and what they are learning about, and out of habit, healthcare providers can slip up. Healthcare facilities have made a strong effort to stop this from happening and to spend more training their healthcare providers.



HIPAA becomes even harder to maintain when it comes to sharing information online. Hackers are constantly online trying to steal information from innocent people. Cybersecurity companies have made a serious effort to stop these hackers from getting personal healthcare information.


Email migration

Email migration is a crack in the HIPAA rules and regulations because oftentimes emails are not securely protected. Even if emails are being sent within a given healthcare facility, that doesn’t mean the information shared in those emails is going to remain safe. Hackers have all kinds of software that enables them to hack into even the most protected websites.

Far Out Solutions is helping to bring these cybersecurity hackers to an end. We are an IT company that wants to help you protect your personal information. You can rely on us for full-time monitoring. We have round-the-clock cybersecurity professionals watching out for threats. We have the most up-to-date cybersecurity systems on the market today, and we will make sure that your network is updated consistently.


Our managed service providers are experienced and can help all kinds of organizations and businesses maintain a high-quality, high-speed network. If you use our services, you can be sure that your company will operate at a competitive level. We want our customers to feel completely at ease.


Contact Far Out Solutions Today!

Don’t let your healthcare facility become a victim of a cyber attack. HIPAA compliance and email migration can be safe if you use our systems. Contact us today to find out more! You deserve to have peace of mind about your sensitive information.

Technology in the hands

Top 3 Advantages of Getting a Residential Managed Provider Package

As the world increasingly gets digitized, technologies become more entrenched in our daily lives – even in our homes. Today, it is challenging to come home to a house that does not have WiFi connectivity, a new basic requirement for quality of life. Our children will be the first to tell you this, as they are growing up in an age where connectivity is now a must, and access to everything that they could want is at their fingertips. If you are yet to scale up to meet all these new demands for your home, getting a package for services by a residential managed provider is recommended.


First things first, though: what exactly is a residential managed IT services provider? A managed services provider, in simple terms, takes care of all the technologies that you would like to have in your residential property for maximum convenience, consistent connectivity, and support for issues and emergencies. Getting a package from such a business will equip your home for a lot of advantages, the best three of which will be discussed below.


Comfortable Management of Necessary Technologies

According to industry forecasts, the average person will have 6.58 connected devices by 2020, which translates to nearly 50 billion network-connected devices around the world. That’s only 6 months away. And as early as now, we are seeing why that prediction won’t be far off. In our homes, we typically have at least more than two devices that connect to the Internet, such as our smartphones and our laptops. If you have children who are age-eligible to use gadgets, that number will only increase. A residential managed IT services provider can help you make better sense of all the technologies that your house will need for connectivity, including your WiFi, phone and intercom systems, and even security and surveillance. Your provider will take care of all these suites and make sure that your residential property stays connected to the technologies that make life better.


More Functionality and Less Stress

If you are not well-versed in the ways by which all these new technologies work, chances are you will have a tough time making them work when they don’t want to. Printing, for instance, is a very important function that needs to be managed properly; the problem is, setting up a wireless printer so that anybody in the house can successfully print anything that they want to is not going to be that easy. A managed IT services provider will install, implement, and maintain all your connectivity systems to drive smooth functionality in your home, while also saving you from the hassles of fixing technical issues or, just as bad, requiring unhelpful customer support.


Cost-Efficient Service Inclusions

Finally, a residential managed provider can offer savings in cost and time that you would otherwise not have access to if you were winging it on your own. Far Out Solutions, for instance, offers a package that starts with first understanding your specific needs, as well as the current setup in your home, so that you can make the most out of the service. For a fixed monthly price, your audio/video devices will be updated to their latest firmware versions whenever they are available, you won’t need to deal with separate bills from technology vendors, and you are treated to the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that whatever it is that you may need, you can depend on your provider to deliver that for you.

Cybersecurity and Managed Service Providers

Although technology has been able to bring the world together and advance virtually all aspects of modern society, there is one area that hasn’t quite been able to keep up with demand: cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, as the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, the chances of businesses and organizations being attacked also increases. As a small or medium-sized business owner, what can you do to protect your company?

Fortunately, managed service providers (MSPs) like Far Out Solutions are here to help. Let’s look at how MSPs can help mitigate the problems you face online and how they can protect your business from a worst-case scenario.


By the Numbers: the Cybersecurity Threat

It seems that every few months or so, there’s a headline about a major corporation getting attacked by hackers or malware. While these attacks can be devastating for the companies involved since most of them are massive entities, it’s easy to assume that only enterprise-level organizations are being hit, right?


According to recent data, up to 61 percent of small and medium businesses were attacked, and over half of them experienced a data breach. The cost of these attacks can range from a few thousand to over a million dollars, so prevention is always the best approach.


How Managed Service Providers Can Help?

When looking at the reasons why small and medium businesses are attacked, we can notice a couple of trends. Fifty-four percent of companies said that employee negligence or misconduct led directly to the breach. Seventy-three percent of respondents said that insufficient personnel and budgeting for IT solutions contributed to the lack of cybersecurity.


Fortunately, when you utilize a managed service provider, you can get access to qualified and trained cybersecurity experts, as well as better infrastructure to both prevent and remove threats that occur.


Here are a few benefits that you can expect:

Full-Time Monitoring

Chances are, you don’t have employees who can monitor your network for threats at three in the morning. MSPs like Far Out Solutions have round-the-clock cybersecurity professionals watching out for threats.


Updated Cybersecurity Systems

As protective software and technology improve, hackers, become more sophisticated. Malware and ransomware of today could easily overrun the cybersecurity programs of yesteryear, meaning that you have to make sure your network is updated consistently. While that may be an issue for you, it’s not a problem for MSPs.


Faster Performance

Managed service providers are designed to help businesses and organizations maintain a high-quality and high-speed network. Thus, using these services ensures that your company can operate at a competitive level, all without having to worry about things like updates, patches, and other routine maintenance.


Contact Far Out Solutions Today

Your business can’t afford to be the victim of a cyber attack. Contact us today to find out more about our cybersecurity solutions so that you can get the peace of mind you deserve.

Successful Focused Marketing Campaigns Utilizing Captive Portals

Offering WiFi accessibility is virtually a marketing requirement for businesses. Today’s customers demand instant and consistent connection to the Internet, and smart entrepreneurs know that they need to deliver. If you offer this service to your clients, you are already familiar with the ways that it has helped your business marketing. But did you know that you can even step it up further with captive portals?


Simply put, a captive portal is a page that a public WiFi network user has to access before you can connect to the network. If you’ve ever tried signing in to a public network as a guest, you have no doubt seen this page. Now, as a business, the captive portal is one of the best tools that you can use to improve the ways by which you:

  • Know your customers
  • Engage with your customers
  • Manage your customer journeys; and
  • Build customer loyalty

How? Let’s discuss.


Gathering Analytics

Captive portals allow your business to track the online activities of your guests or customers while they are connected to your WiFi network. This means that you will be treated to a whole new world of data that will inform you on various important points in your customers’ specific journeys: what they are interested in, what they avoid, etc. Additionally, you can get to know your customers more, based on their demographics.


Boosting Brand Recognition

Captive portals can also be customized according to your unique requirements, which makes them some of the most pliable tools that you can have for marketing. On such a page, you can host anything from a banner to a 30-second advertisement about your products or services, which can do wonders for your brand recognition and related marketing goals.

Easing Connectivity

Finally, captive portals make it fun and engaging for people to connect to your public WiFi. If you have ever had to painstakingly input an open network’s SSID and password onto a login page, you know how stressful the process can be; a captive portal takes care of all that by enabling guests to log into your network with a single tap on a button.


Other Benefits

Still, need more incentive? Captive portals also help you:


Manage your bandwidth.

Running a public WiFi comes with the risk of going over acceptable bandwidth scopes, especially if you cannot manage it on your end. After all, guests can opt to stream videos in HD and end up hogging all the resources of the network. With a captive portal, you can set bandwidth limitations that will allow all your guests to have a fairly ideal browsing experience, as network resources are balanced and full functionality can be implemented.


Avoid lawsuits.

You can also reduce the potential for legal headaches with a captive portal. This feature typically comes with a required acceptable usage policy that a guest has to agree with before they can access the network. If that guest ends up committing something illegal online, you are saved from the liability of such a situation.