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AV Solutions Design & Implementation

Today’s technology is so fast and advances that any normal individual or even a company can easily be left behind. Here’s a great example, go buy any brand of smartphones that you can think of, the most popular ones are of course iPhone series, the Samsung S series and so much more. I can literally fill up a whole page with just the name of the manufacturer alone. Now after you’ve bought it, wait a couple of months and I guarantee it, there’s going to be a new model of that “new” smartphone that you’ve just purchased. Most tech-savvy or tech enthusiasts would call this nowadays as “tech year”. In between each new release or every quarter they consider this as a tech year. If you’ve held on to a device for 12 months that’s already considered as 4 tech years. It is both quite fascinating and a little bit scary at the same time.


MSP BenefitsDo Not Get Left Behind

Now that I’ve at least broaden your understanding about how you have to keep up, let me now introduce one of the most vital components of any technology, the Video, and Audio hardware. The peripherals alone are enough to overwhelm the average joe, trying to discern among the audio cables such as XLR male, XLR female, TRS, RCA cables, to the digital ones, firewire, thunderbolt, MIDI Cables, there’s also the optical cable, which is a whole new category. All of these are just the tip of the iceberg, we haven’t even discussed the video components yet and the amount of information that I’ve hurled at you so far is enough to make you open up a new tab on your browser to check these types of cables.


Allow us, at Far Out Solutions to take care of that soon-to-be surefire headache of an upgrade to your existing audio and video equipment. We’re not talking about an installation that a quick youtube search can fix, it is an installation that will require a professional to assess, plan, and finally execute as a project.


Solutions Designs and Implementation

Designing an upgrade to any infrastructure would take a considerable about of time and effort to do. Taking into consideration all the existing components that can still be integrated with the upgrade is a tedious task, that requires years of experience and expertise. Luckily we have both, let us take care of all that for you. Our highly trained employees, composed of engineers and IT professionals have with them decades of practical knowledge that sets them apart from most. We want every single project that we take on to be as personal as possible, we care about your growth and we’ll grow along with you.

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