Body Temperature/Thermal Camera Technology Reducing COVID-19

Body Temperature/Thermal Imaging Camera Technology Reducing COVID-19 Community Spread

Covid-19 has literally sent us to a screeching halt. The economy on the verge of collapse. Slowly and steadily we are trying to rebuild a structure in which we can function without spreading the virus further. We have to place security measures to ensure that everyone trying to enter any establishment does not have an elevated body temperature higher than 100 degrees F. We however are putting these men and women at risk as they check the body temperature with a handheld scanner. These are the individuals with the highest possibility of exposure and becoming infected. Automating this important function is where the thermal imaging camera comes into play. Using infrared to detect the heat coming from your body it can accurately determine the temperature making it safe for security personnel to just advise the person to vacate the premises via intercom.


How It Began

We’ve come a long way since Sir William Herchel, an English astronomer discovered infrared in the 1800s. After two centuries we have not fully maximized its potential, we have yet to discover the wide variety of applications in which this technology can be used. One of the most popular uses of this will be in thermal cameras. This allows the user to identify any individuals with a body temperature higher than it should be. In the efforts to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus from one person to another it is very crucial to have it in place, in areas where work and social interactions can no longer be avoided such as building entries.


Developed Throughout the Years

The first infrared scanner was developed and used by the US Military in 1947, however the way it processed the image took a while and it was very inefficient. As technology improves and the methods have been refined and now it can even scan through a live video feed. This has a wide range of applications from medicine, the military, and even home security. Now that it has been incorporated in offices, business establishments, and even government agencies it will be very beneficial in combating this invisible foe. We have a greater chance of getting ahead of this pandemic. We have to take every precaution that we can in order to put this to an end. Although breakthrough drugs and potential vaccines are being developed, we as a nation cannot afford to just stand by and watch, hoping the infection rate slowly decreases in number. Every effort to prevent the spread is another life saved.


Thermal Imaging Technology and Its Applications

The development of Smarter IR sensors put the thermal cameras on the map due to the efficiency and affordability and the way it can be marketed to the average consumer is what made it more popular. Here are a few examples of practical uses for the consumer-level thermal cameras:

  • Security
  • Night vision
  • Building inspection
  • Roof inspection
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical testing and diagnosis
  • Automotive night vision


These are just a few examples As we develop more technology to be used with thermal imaging devices, we can explore its applications even further.

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