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Body Temperature/Thermal Imaging Camera Technology Reducing COVID-19 Community Spread

Covid-19 has literally sent us to a screeching halt. The economy on the verge of collapse. Slowly and steadily we are trying to rebuild a structure in which we can function without spreading the virus further. We have to place security measures to ensure that everyone trying to enter any establishment does not have an elevated body temperature higher than 100 degrees F. We however are putting these men and women at risk as they check the body temperature with a handheld scanner. These are the individuals with the highest possibility of exposure and becoming infected. Automating this important function is where the thermal imaging camera comes into play. Using infrared to detect the heat coming from your body it can accurately determine the temperature making it safe for security personnel to just advise the person to vacate the premises via intercom.


How It Began

We’ve come a long way since Sir William Herchel, an English astronomer discovered infrared in the 1800s. After two centuries we have not fully maximized its potential, we have yet to discover the wide variety of applications in which this technology can be used. One of the most popular uses of this will be in thermal cameras. This allows the user to identify any individuals with a body temperature higher than it should be. In the efforts to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus from one person to another it is very crucial to have it in place, in areas where work and social interactions can no longer be avoided such as building entries.


Developed Throughout the Years

The first infrared scanner was developed and used by the US Military in 1947, however the way it processed the image took a while and it was very inefficient. As technology improves and the methods have been refined and now it can even scan through a live video feed. This has a wide range of applications from medicine, the military, and even home security. Now that it has been incorporated in offices, business establishments, and even government agencies it will be very beneficial in combating this invisible foe. We have a greater chance of getting ahead of this pandemic. We have to take every precaution that we can in order to put this to an end. Although breakthrough drugs and potential vaccines are being developed, we as a nation cannot afford to just stand by and watch, hoping the infection rate slowly decreases in number. Every effort to prevent the spread is another life saved.


Thermal Imaging Technology and Its Applications

The development of Smarter IR sensors put the thermal cameras on the map due to the efficiency and affordability and the way it can be marketed to the average consumer is what made it more popular. Here are a few examples of practical uses for the consumer-level thermal cameras:

  • Security
  • Night vision
  • Building inspection
  • Roof inspection
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical testing and diagnosis
  • Automotive night vision


These are just a few examples As we develop more technology to be used with thermal imaging devices, we can explore its applications even further.

Simplify IT Operational Complexity by Removing Disparate Technologies

When dealing with complexity in technology, what we have to realize is that the continuous developments and improvements upon the technologies that we are currently using. Combined with our desire to adopt the latest and greatest products, and architectures, it has innocently lead us to the operational complexities we are now forced to manage.

This compulsive behavior has bombarded us with obsolete technology and desperate attempts to integrate it with the current one. Simply put, that is like trying to fit a PS/2 mouse/keyboard cable to the USB port of your computer. To all my geek friends that got that reference kudos! And for the rest, here’s a complete breakdown. There used to be a time when your mouse and keyboards were attached to your system using a cable known as a PS/2 or Personal System/2 port. It has a color designation, green to your mouse, and purple to your keyboard, this is to ensure that you will be plugging it to the designated port. When the USB port is further introduced to all systems, this type of cable is no longer used.


SimplicityWhy Go with Simplicity?

As with all aspects of life, simplicity offers a kind of freedom that you can only get when everything is easily accessed, integrated, organized, processed, and analyzed. Time is literally equivalent to money! Does your team spend hours manually collating information that is sitting idle in their systems or trying to figure out which technology option is more valuable or more efficient for your project?

This is a “Red Flag” confirming the fact that your complex IT architecture doesn’t allow the use of efficient programs that allow the input of information in real-time for analysis based on the script that you have developed. This concept alone will save your company a huge amount of money. The consolidation of assets and processes will give way to much more efficient and productive outcomes for all types of businesses.


Integration and Consolidation

As mentioned above, not all technology, applications, hardware, software, and other peripherals can or will be able to be a part of the integration process. There are so many factors to consider when attempting to do so.

This process however will eliminate the complexity and disorder in the company. When chaos is now organized and the once seemingly impossible task of getting things done can be processed in a few minutes then you can start consolidating. Taking everything that will no longer be needed adding all essential parts of the project and removing things that will no longer make sense to the said project. This part might seem vague and too generalized because our aim is to show you that this aspect does not only apply with technology but in the entirety of your business. You wouldn’t want to have your secretary using a typewriter then going to the post office to mail a simple reply letter, would you? Of course not, those practices are no longer used in any form of business today. If you need immediate assistance with your growing business, we at Far Out Solutions specialize in making everything in your business less complicated and more efficient to deal with by applying the most efficient and simplistic information technology.


Get in touch with us so we can start with an assessment today.

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Ransomware: What it Does to Your System

There are things that we just have to let go in life for us to move forward and evolve. A simple task that might be daunting for others to even try. What if you’re denied access to your very own door, and the key is withheld from you until such time that you are able to pay some amount of money to get it. Would you? In that kind of situation, you have no other choice but to give in to their demands to enter your own home. Now imagine that happens to your personal computer or worst your work computer. It’s a complete nightmare. That is what Ransomware does to your system. It basically blocks all known access to your system, rendering you helpless and stuck.


MSP LogisticsRansomware Prevention

There is no real way to prevent it from affecting your system, the following steps however will outline ways to at least give them a hard time from doing it easily to your system.

• Updating your OS with the latest version
• Allowing software updates for your applications
• Recognizing phishing emails
• Not opening attachments from unsolicited emails
• Not accessing suspicious websites
• Not installing applications that are not from your IT organization


Successfully Defending a Ransomware Attack

Prevention is a must in every system in your office, this will not only save you a lot of money avoiding repairs. It will also ensure continuous service to your clients/customers. We at Far Out Solutions pride ourselves on the 24 hours IT service that will assist you, regardless of the situation, we can also have an onsite IT personnel to further secure your business for any possible threat that remote assistance IT just cannot fix.


System Maintenance and Overall Security

Now that you are aware of how you can prevent and defend against a possible Ransomware attack, here is where the maintenance aspect of it kicks in. Ensuring that your business computers will run on their optimum capability is one of the tasks that our expert IT analyst will continuously monitor. Allowing you to work without ever worrying about the risk of getting your system infected with nasty Ransomware. We will stop it in its track even before getting anywhere near your system. Far Out Solutions way of resolving issues is not a quick fix but a long-term solution.

VoIP Telephony: Communication and How it Changed the Way We Do Business

The convenience of communication has taken a huge leap forward ever since the world was introduced to the Internet. One of its major aspects that we all take for granted is the VoIP Telephony feature of almost every single device that we own. Let’s face it only a handful of us really knows the in’s and out of this particular technology. Now let me take you a little bit deeper to give you an insight of what it’s really about.


The inner works of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol has come a long way since it was originally conceptualized around 1973. A company was conducting experiments on Network Voice Protocol at the time but has very success over the matter. It was not until around 1995 that the first Internet Phone Software was created. They were able to compress & transmit voice signals to digital packets provided that it will originate and be received by the same type of hardware & software. Nevertheless, the 1st actual VoIP Telephony feature was on its merry way.

Communication at its peak

Nowadays you can simply pick up your phone and call your friend in Paris. Well, you have to get a good network reception or a coffee shop that has free wifi to do so. It wouldn’t require much effort from your part to do just that. Talk to your grandparents or someone who still has a full grasp of what standard mail is, and they’ll tell you that when you try to talk to someone that far away it’ll take months for your letters to be received and another couple of months before you receive a response. You’d think that your grandparents have gone senile telling you that story, but that is how it was back then. Now it’s like sending a text and waiting for a whole minute for a response and we are already livid.


What we use and what is offered

We have a vast amount of applications to choose from on how we want to communicate. Such as Skype, Viber, Google Duo, Messenger, Whatsapp, and the up-and-coming Discord to name a few. Most of these are free and easy enough to use. Chances are if you haven’t been living in a rock for the past few decades you’ve at least heard or used these applications.


Peace of mind

Why spend hours, days, or weeks pondering how you’ll get your network up and running. When there are hundreds if not more companies that take care of that for you so wouldn’t have to. Not an easy task, but making sure that the seamless integration of technology to your business is handled, is a Far Out Solutions way of ensuring your business has one less thing to worry about.

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Security Systems: Protecting Your Most Valued Assets

Our businesses and homes are places we feel secure in. Building security is a preventative measure taken to avoid loss or damage sustained during an attack or breach. Oftentimes, however, we fail to place a strong emphasis on protecting not only the physical structures but also the people who are in the dwellings, the equipment, and the data contained therein. A few simple measures can protect your assets from theft, damage, or compromise.


Physical Access Controls

Access control is the process of restricting access to a particular location within a building or dwelling. Items that can be controlled include, but are not limited to, doors, safes, gates or turnstiles. Some ways to gain access to these areas are through the use of PINs, fingerprints, badges, facial scans and key fobs.


Network Access Controls

In addition to securing access to physical areas in your location, you can also secure network access. Some examples of network access include fire alarms, intruder alarms, lighting, and CCTV. Network access can be unique to each user, which is beneficial in businesses. Network access in homes can be also be allocated according to the user.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance enables users to monitor activity and conditions in and around a building from a remote location. The activity is recorded in real-time and can be collected and stored if desired. Surveillance not only protects buildings from potential break-ins but can also protect against vandalism as well. Surveillance is popular among homeowners as they can view their homes from their mobile devices when on vacation.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is another component of security systems that protect locations from intruders. Some examples of perimeter security include fences, railings, walls, and gates. These structures deter potential intruders from attempting to gain unauthorized access to the property. For heightened security, detection systems and sensors can determine if a person is physically present on a property. Locations needing protection for operations find great benefit to detection systems. Examples of these types of companies would be correctional institutions, government buildings, transportation facilities, and utility buildings.


Insurance Benefits

The addition of security systems can help you earn discounts on your insurance. Whether for a business or a home, many insurance companies provide policy discounts when additional security measures are established. It is felt that these systems reduce risk and are less likely to originate an insurance claim. You should ask your insurance advisor how a security system could help reduce your premiums. This is just one additional way that preventative measures can benefit your home or office.

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HIPAA Compliance and Email Migration

The HIPAA Privacy Rule has been made to establish standards to protect individuals’ medical information. Any kind of personal health information is protected under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. HIPAA also protects those health care providers that share health care transactions electronically.


The HIPAA rules and regulations are sometimes difficult for healthcare providers to abide by. This is especially true for healthcare providers who are newer to the healthcare field. They need to go through some special training to help them understand why HIPAA has been enforced, and how they can keep enforcing it in their everyday routines. People naturally talk about what they know and what they are learning about, and out of habit, healthcare providers can slip up. Healthcare facilities have made a strong effort to stop this from happening and to spend more training their healthcare providers.



HIPAA becomes even harder to maintain when it comes to sharing information online. Hackers are constantly online trying to steal information from innocent people. Cybersecurity companies have made a serious effort to stop these hackers from getting personal healthcare information.


Email migration

Email migration is a crack in the HIPAA rules and regulations because oftentimes emails are not securely protected. Even if emails are being sent within a given healthcare facility, that doesn’t mean the information shared in those emails is going to remain safe. Hackers have all kinds of software that enables them to hack into even the most protected websites.

Far Out Solutions is helping to bring these cybersecurity hackers to an end. We are an IT company that wants to help you protect your personal information. You can rely on us for full-time monitoring. We have round-the-clock cybersecurity professionals watching out for threats. We have the most up-to-date cybersecurity systems on the market today, and we will make sure that your network is updated consistently.


Our managed service providers are experienced and can help all kinds of organizations and businesses maintain a high-quality, high-speed network. If you use our services, you can be sure that your company will operate at a competitive level. We want our customers to feel completely at ease.


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Don’t let your healthcare facility become a victim of a cyber attack. HIPAA compliance and email migration can be safe if you use our systems. Contact us today to find out more! You deserve to have peace of mind about your sensitive information.

Critical Components of Effective Data & Voice Network Design

Today’s businesses know that success cannot simply be measured by bottom-line profit. Smart entrepreneurs are aware that the game has changed, and those who want to keep up with it have to adapt and adopt the necessary technologies that are fundamentally critical to successful business operations. Perhaps the most critical component is the implementation and maintenance of an effective data and voice network design that will support all of the current and future Information Technology (IT) infrastructure requirements.


The best managed IT service providers know that effective network design should aim at the successful evaluation, understanding, and scoping of the requirements of a secure, resilient, and scalable data and voice network. It often involves the creation of a network diagram to be used as a blueprint for the physical design of the network, and it typically includes:

  • A logical map of the network
  • Cabling structure
  • Quantity, type, and location of network devices (router, switches, etc.)
  • Wireless network design and access point (AP) locations with associated Heat Map
  • IP addressing structure
  • Network security architecture and overall network security processes


If it is your first time designing one, make sure that you focus on these major areas for consideration to help streamline the process for maximum efficiency.


Data Security

Data security should be among the most significant priorities for any business that needs to work on their network design. Connectivity is the end goal of the system, yes, but it should not lose sight of protecting all the data generated by that connectivity, whether internal or external. Your IT team should have solid security protocols in place for data storage, data access, and data protection.


Redundancy and Backing Up

Since we’re already discussing data security, it is necessary to make redundancy and backing up a part of the conversation. Why? Even the most secure network can fall prey to major risks that can damage the integrity of their data through unauthorized access or other major security mishaps. Redundancy makes sure that you have the right backup devices that can take over mission-critical components if one of them fails or inoperable. For instance, having two servers means that one can take over for the other if it requires maintenance, gets attacked, or otherwise becomes lost to the network. Similarly, if connectivity to the Internet is a must for your company at all times, you should look at having more than one connection set up to minimize downtime during unfortunate situations.


Disaster Recovery

Finally, design measures for data recovery. These may cover provisions for backup power, data backup mechanics, and standardization of protocols and procedures for network or server crashes. And they should include all types of potential disasters, ranging from those that happen in the office to the entire metropolitan.

As one of your trusted managed IT, service providers, Far Out Solutions offers a whole suite of services to help businesses create, implement, and maintain the best possible network. Talk to us today!