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Cloud Backup & Data Recovery

Disasters happen, regardless of how flashy your equipment is. Minimizing the effects comes down to the preemptive measures you take. Disaster prep requires a keen understanding of the policies, tools, and backup procedures to enable the smooth recovery and continuation of your business. Your data is arguably your most valuable business asset, which is why we do more than just back up your data – we protect it as if it were our own. We will ensure that your data is available where you need it, and when you need it. 

Cloud backup refers to a service in which the data and applications are backed up and stored on a remote server. Today, businesses try to back up and move files to the cloud more frequently so that they are in a safe place if the event of failure, outage, or natural disaster happens. Businesses can back up some or all server files, depending on their preference. Cloud backup is a necessity for some businesses so that File backup and disaster recovery is the second leading use of cloud computing among medium and large enterprises.

Comprehensive Backup. Safety in the Cloud 

Managed Remote Backup An all-inclusive remote data backup solution for small businesses Remote backup is one of the easiest ways to leverage the power of Cloud computing.  

Our Managed Remote Backup service is immensely secure and offers a comprehensive hands-off solution for protecting your critical system data by replication over the internet, and then stored all for a single monthly fee. Managed Remote Backup means you’ll never have to think about the safety of your data again. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) All-inclusive system, server and disaster protection for medium and large businesses How much revenue would your business lose if you couldn’t access your network data for one day? One week? Several weeks? 51% of small businesses that experience catastrophic data loss never recover.

Your business relies on the on-demand availability of critical data and network applications, from accounting records to proprietary company files. A comprehensive disaster recovery backup is a vital asset that ensures business continuity in the event of a major system or facility failure.  

Disaster Recovery as a Service means that your business can recover your data in the event of a server failure or natural disaster, and can be restored to a new hardware platform or virtual server environment within hours. Compare this to conventional backups which may take several days or even weeks to restore. This rapid recovery helps you resume business operations as quickly as possible and minimizes lost revenue and other operational damages. 

Cloud Backup Services

Your financial records, contracts, and client information are the foundation of your business. When you consider all of the information stored on your company’s servers, you begin to realize the potential magnitude of loss in the event of a disaster, sabotage, hardware failure, or human error.  

Cloud Backup allows you to back up your critical business data to a remote and secure location for rapid disaster recovery — an important part of your data security and business continuity plan.  

Why you should choose Cloud Backup 

Cloud backup services offer online data backup and recovery that saves critical business data at a secure offsite location. Scheduled backups run automatically without human intervention through our agent-less technology. Safeguard your data in the cloud without additional capital or IT expenses. Data is backed up to an offsite location and optionally to a local appliance for quicker recovery time.  

Why Data Backup is essential in Cloud Services?

Opting for cloud service, no matter private or public, essentially implies that you are going to hand over your valuable business information to some other organization to serve a particular purpose. This indicates that your data resides in an external server out of your reach. This is the main cause for ensuring the utmost security to prevent data loss or corruption.  

Advantages of Cloud-based Backup

  • Data recovery is done online;
  • Online data backup from remote storage;
  • Automatic disaster recovery prevents data loss;
  • Designed & implemented as a cost-effective technique

Managed Backup Solutions

Far Out Solutions offer complete Managed Backup IT Services that is the easiest option for small businesses to leverage the power of Cloud computing.

Data Recovery Services

For nearly a decade, we have been successfully performing backup data recovery IT services from both logically and physically

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our specialist Disaster Recovery Consulting Team can help you devise a near bulletproof Disaster Recovery Plan, so you can have total piece of mind that your critical systems and processes are safe, and can recover from any potential data loss situation.

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