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For a successful coworking space operator, it’s crucial to accept the fact that if you don’t have the essential technical services in places such as a robust, resilient network, Voice, Security, and Audio/Visual solutions then nothing else matters. It sounds drastic but believe us, without the quality and availability of these critical technology services your members won’t be sticking around.

Technology Services

Providing a genuinely secure and reliable network with both wireless and cabled connectivity gives you a competitive edge against the standard coworking space with cobbled together Wi-Fi. Differentiate your brand by the level of technology services you offer.


Another critical experience that will set operators apart when it comes to Wi-Fi and access control is the ability for tenants to roam seamlessly across all of your sites. It’s common for today’s office occupiers to require access to different locations across a city, state, or even country. Enabling them to experience your workspace portfolio easily and friction-free with instant access to Wi-Fi and a common security protocol is a benefit they’ll appreciate. Again, this contributes to a seamless and redundant experience that will not go unnoticed.

Core Technology Services

Core technology services should enable a productive and fulfilling work experience and engagement with your workspace by being quick and easy to use. The right technology solutions along with a platform with which they can book rooms, manage their invoices and payments, and interact with the community – enhances the experience at your workspace.


First, you should differentiate your brand by the level of technology services you offer. The top reason members leave a workspace is due to poor internet. Don’t forget personalization is critical. The more targeted your offering is to your customer base, the more services you’ll be able to offer them.

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