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Computer Training – Beginners & Seniors

Today computers are everywhere, they’re widely used in every business. You must have some computer skills to be successful. Far Out Solutions offer computer training lessons for beginners and seniors. Our dedicated classroom environment is attached to our repair labs: it’s fun and productive and puts you in the right mood.

Education & Training Programs, Repair Courses

Far Out Solutions offers year-round courses for the public, ranging from computer and cell phone repair to advanced study in software applications and networking. Our programs are largely offered by our master technicians. With access to countless tools, applications, and resources, this unique environment is sure to powerfully infuse your learning experience. We offer a unique hands-on, learn-by-applying experience that can’t be found anywhere else, and we are totally committed to empowering you!

  • Instructors have professional experience;
  • Hands-on learning environment;
  • Work with the same equipment we use daily for our customer’s repairs;
  • Year-round classes with flexible times;
  • Technology-focused with an emphasis on practical value;

One-to-One Private Instruction

Executive One-to-One Classroom or Private Instruction provides busy Executives and Professionals with the expertise, flexibility, and privacy to develop and optimize technology specific to their needs. It is easy to set up and hassle-free.  

We’ll design a learning plan specific to your needs.  

Executive Training Service provides a time-efficient, cost-effective vehicle for teaching highly-paid executives to use their computers effectively, providing – One-on-one instruction in the convenient and private setting of the executive’s own office, using the executive’s computer; Sessions tailored to each individual student’s specific needs, ensuring that an executive’s valuable time is devoted exclusively to learning program features he will use; and a private forum in which the beginning student can feel free to ask questions an executive might be reluctant to raise in a larger, public class, including those concerning his computer. Sessions can be scheduled before, during, and after regular working times.


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