Cybersecurity and Managed Service Providers: What You Need to Know

Cybersecurity and Managed Service Providers

Although technology has been able to bring the world together and advance virtually all aspects of modern society, there is one area that hasn’t quite been able to keep up with demand: cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, as the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, the chances of businesses and organizations being attacked also increases. As a small or medium-sized business owner, what can you do to protect your company?

Fortunately, managed service providers (MSPs) like Far Out Solutions are here to help. Let’s look at how MSPs can help mitigate the problems you face online and how they can protect your business from a worst-case scenario.


By the Numbers: the Cybersecurity Threat

It seems that every few months or so, there’s a headline about a major corporation getting attacked by hackers or malware. While these attacks can be devastating for the companies involved since most of them are massive entities, it’s easy to assume that only enterprise-level organizations are being hit, right?


According to recent data, up to 61 percent of small and medium businesses were attacked, and over half of them experienced a data breach. The cost of these attacks can range from a few thousand to over a million dollars, so prevention is always the best approach.


How Managed Service Providers Can Help?

When looking at the reasons why small and medium businesses are attacked, we can notice a couple of trends. Fifty-four percent of companies said that employee negligence or misconduct led directly to the breach. Seventy-three percent of respondents said that insufficient personnel and budgeting for IT solutions contributed to the lack of cybersecurity.


Fortunately, when you utilize a managed service provider, you can get access to qualified and trained cybersecurity experts, as well as better infrastructure to both prevent and remove threats that occur.


Here are a few benefits that you can expect:

Full-Time Monitoring

Chances are, you don’t have employees who can monitor your network for threats at three in the morning. MSPs like Far Out Solutions have round-the-clock cybersecurity professionals watching out for threats.


Updated Cybersecurity Systems

As protective software and technology improve, hackers, become more sophisticated. Malware and ransomware of today could easily overrun the cybersecurity programs of yesteryear, meaning that you have to make sure your network is updated consistently. While that may be an issue for you, it’s not a problem for MSPs.


Faster Performance

Managed service providers are designed to help businesses and organizations maintain a high-quality and high-speed network. Thus, using these services ensures that your company can operate at a competitive level, all without having to worry about things like updates, patches, and other routine maintenance.


Contact Far Out Solutions Today

Your business can’t afford to be the victim of a cyber attack. Contact us today to find out more about our cybersecurity solutions so that you can get the peace of mind you deserve.

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