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HIPAA Compliance and Email Migration

The HIPAA Privacy Rule has been made to establish standards to protect individuals’ medical information. Any kind of personal health information is protected under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. HIPAA also protects those health care providers that share health care transactions electronically.


The HIPAA rules and regulations are sometimes difficult for healthcare providers to abide by. This is especially true for healthcare providers who are newer to the healthcare field. They need to go through some special training to help them understand why HIPAA has been enforced, and how they can keep enforcing it in their everyday routines. People naturally talk about what they know and what they are learning about, and out of habit, healthcare providers can slip up. Healthcare facilities have made a strong effort to stop this from happening and to spend more training their healthcare providers.



HIPAA becomes even harder to maintain when it comes to sharing information online. Hackers are constantly online trying to steal information from innocent people. Cybersecurity companies have made a serious effort to stop these hackers from getting personal healthcare information.


Email migration

Email migration is a crack in the HIPAA rules and regulations because oftentimes emails are not securely protected. Even if emails are being sent within a given healthcare facility, that doesn’t mean the information shared in those emails is going to remain safe. Hackers have all kinds of software that enables them to hack into even the most protected websites.

Far Out Solutions is helping to bring these cybersecurity hackers to an end. We are an IT company that wants to help you protect your personal information. You can rely on us for full-time monitoring. We have round-the-clock cybersecurity professionals watching out for threats. We have the most up-to-date cybersecurity systems on the market today, and we will make sure that your network is updated consistently.


Our managed service providers are experienced and can help all kinds of organizations and businesses maintain a high-quality, high-speed network. If you use our services, you can be sure that your company will operate at a competitive level. We want our customers to feel completely at ease.


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Don’t let your healthcare facility become a victim of a cyber attack. HIPAA compliance and email migration can be safe if you use our systems. Contact us today to find out more! You deserve to have peace of mind about your sensitive information.

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