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Home Office Consulting

Home office businesses are booming. Clearly, it’s the popular choice for the new economy. But it also brings many challenges. Far Out Solutions acts as a mediator between you and your home office technology issues. We can open your mind to new ways of perceiving your clutter, chaos, and disorganization, bring calmness back into your home office. If you want to start a new business, we guide you through the purchase and setup of hardware and software. Our goal is to inspire new thinking patterns and workflow that will simplify your life. It’s an investment in your happiness, your self-image, and your peace of mind.

Our goal is to inspire new thinking patterns and workflow that will simplify your life. It’s an investment in your happiness, your self-image, and your peace of mind.

Home Office Services include:

  • Design and implement a home office from scratch;
  • On-site analysis of your technology & existing workflow;
  • Reorganization & planning;
  • Time-saving work tips;
  • Learning new software;
  • Establishing contact management and mailing lists;
  • Personalized Support;

To schedule a visit at your home office, please contact us today! 

Special IT Projects

Like the vast majority of our customers, IT is probably not your core business. Trying to solve all of your IT challenges internally can become a major distraction, and other aspects of your business can suffer. More often than not these challenges end up costing you more money and time, way more than your initial expectations. 

If you need help with a special project involving your IT assets and/or consulting, we’re eager to assist you. We are an expert, affordable IT consulting firm providing advisory and managerial services that will meet any of your short, or long-term IT objectives. 

Our years of experience helping thousands of customers address a wide range of issues and projects, such as network security, disaster recovery planning (DRP), business continuity planning (BCP), technology compliance issues, IT staffing, technology recommendations, communications, and carrier services, video conferencing and phone systems and much more. 

Is your IT working for you, or against you? 

Chances are, your IT environment has developed gradually. Over time, problems can emerge: performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies, and unintended information silos take form. It can be very difficult to see what is and isn’t working. Without a clear perspective, it’s difficult to know where to invest your limited IT resources. 

Far Out Solutions conducts a thorough, in-depth review of all of your critical technology areas, evaluates them against best practices, and provides you with a road map to better leverage your IT as a competitive advantage. Knowing your score helps you invest more wisely 

We identify your IT strengths and weaknesses. We analyze an expansive range of IT functional areas, including:

  • IT assessments: Wireless risk assessments, IT assessment consulting, HIPAA assessment;
  • Technology Management: planning, support, and documentation;
  • Network Topology: design, cable plant, and Internet connectivity;
  • IT Network Security Services: managed firewall, perimeter, physical and wireless security;
  • Server Infrastructure: hardware, operating systems, and storage;
  • Network Services: directory services, administrative policies, remote access, and redundancy;
  • Network Applications: communication, collaboration, and financial management;
  • Cloud Services, cloud-based server backup services;
  • PC Fleet;
  • Data Recovery Services: Backup and recovery services, disaster recovery plan, remote backup service;

After we complete our review, we provide you with a detailed report that presents the current state of your technology environment and offers detailed recommendations for areas requiring improvement, ranked by priority. Each report includes information related to an on-site consultation and data collection. The report is comprised of your specific Network Health Index, analyzes, best practices recommendations, and budgetary information. 

Far Out Solutions will make sure you’re using the right IT for your business
IT consulting encompasses working with clients to overcome business challenges by using and applying technology. It means effectively assessing, designing, implementing, and managing technology so that it continuously improves your IT operations. Even if you have an in-house IT department that handles the managing component, having an objective third-party check out your IT operations can only help. 

With years of experience in a wide range of technologies, industries, and disciplines, we partner with customers to uncover needs and develop customized solutions in many IT areas: 

  • Network administration and setup;
  • System upgrades;
  • Operating System support for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu), and Apple Mac OSX;
  • Systems planning and analysis;
  • Hardware and software solutions, installations, and upgrades;
  • Office network and phone wiring;
  • Remote access via terminal services, Outlook web access, and virtual private networks (VPN);
  • Network security;
  • Multi-site office connectivity;
  • Wireless Internet installations;

Tell us what you need, and we’ll tell you how we can help. Let us get started with finding the best solution for your business. We can perform services at any level of involvement, from a one-time consultation to be an extension of your business. We’ll do whatever works best for you.


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