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How to Improve Your IT Infrastructure

2021 will be a crucial year for employees and employers because last year’s situation has forced a transition to a remote workforce much quicker. This shift will impact organizations in many ways starting from security to everyday operations and IT infrastructure.

Information Technology (IT) infrastructure are several components required to operate and manage IT environments – it can fit on a cloud system, or within an organization’s own facilities.


3 main IT infrastructure components:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking

These facilities are used to create, deliver, test, watch, control, and support IT services. We will break down exactly what those three components do to make it easier to understand the system as a whole.



Hardware includes network servers, data centers, routers, network switches and etc.

  • Network servers come in different formats and every one of them serves unique purposes. We may refer network server as another computer that is used for data storage. A location where all the central files are stored is called a file server. The directory server can be accessed by several different computers and is a central database of information. Web server tries to share files through a web browser via HTTP. There is another type of server that includes print servers, databases, and application servers.
  • Network switches connect devices on the same network using LAN. They allow two internal devices to connect without forwarding traffic to every network device. It contains several ports that physically connect devices on a network together. Physical parts include other switches, routers, and servers.
  • The router’s job is to communicate between the internet and the devices that connect to the internet. More simply it routes traffic between the devices and the internet.
  • Data centers or server rooms are the command center of your network. It’s where all your servers are located. In other words, that’s the place where your company’s information is located.

IT InfrastructureSoftware

The software includes all applications used by the business: web servers, content management systems, operating systems. Without those applications’ hardware can’t perform its infrastructure function.

  1. The web server includes several parts that control how users access hosted files. It can be an HTTP server which is software that understands Web addresses (URLs) and protocols that your browser uses to view webpages (HTTP).
  2. A content management system (CMS) is computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content.
  3. An operating system (OS) is software that supports a computer’s basic functions. The most popular operating systems are Mac, Windows, Linux, and etc.


The networking component gives you the ability to communicate between internal and external systems. Networking infrastructure consists of two parts: networking hardware and networking software. Networking hardware includes routers, switches, LAN cards, wireless routers, cables while networking software includes network operations and management, operating systems, firewalls, and network security applications.

Above we’ve discussed 3 types of IT infrastructure components that can be found in every company. There are 2 ways of implementing it:

  • Traditional infrastructure – This kind of infrastructure in a company means that all components are managed and owned by the business within its own facilities
  • Cloud infrastructure – You can create a private cloud or you can use a public cloud from a provider like Google, Microsoft, and etc.
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure – HCI is a software-defined IT infrastructure that virtualizes all of the elements of conventional hardware-defined systems. It allows you to manage your compute, network, and data storage resources from a single interface.

There are several tips to improve your IT infrastructure. To get the bigger picture you’ll need to examine your IT infrastructure for weak spots – after that, you can seek solutions. The best option would be to get advice from professionals, like Far Out Solution. They have vast experience in their field and create packages that are focused on addressing exactly what you’re looking for! You can contact them anytime and get full information on how to improve your IT infrastructure.

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