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Importance of Network Assessment

Your network is an easily overlooked aspect of almost all businesses. Who can blame them? It is not something that even people check at their own homes. However, it is a crucial part of every business and one that you cannot afford to lose. Not for a single moment. Imagine you are riding a bullet train at speeds that can literally peel your face off, and one of the rails that the train is running on suddenly collapsed or better yet went missing. In this scenario what do you think about the outcome? It’s a disaster waiting to happen, to prevent that you have to get an expert to take care of the rails and every aspect of the train to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Much like the train, your network should always be in tip-top shape. That is when a Network Assessment is an absolute must.


Network Assessment NecessaryWhy is a Network Assessment Necessary?

That is almost the same question as to why do humans need to breathe. Your network can be considered the veins that run through the entire business. From your printers, lobby display, and every single computer is connected to the network, that much is pretty obvious to most people. However, the maintenance aspect of it is not very common knowledge. Now imagine the server to be the brain, the hubs, and network switches to be the heart and the network cables to be the veins.

Now just like doctors that would diagnose a sick person, in a business scenario, it would take a whole team to ensure that everything is running smoothly. IT engineers, field technicians, network analysts, and IT Help Desks work hand in hand to isolate a single issue in your network. It takes a whole team of professionals to get things done. This is simply because each task has to be handled by a different expert in that field. Again much like doctors that have specialties like Cardiologists, Neurologists, and Podiatrists, your network has so many experts as well to keep everything running and continuously, then monitoring it to prevent or even prepare for future updates and upgrades when needed. These are just the tip of the iceberg, getting into details can take a whole year to probably explain.


Far Our Solutions leading experts in the field of Network Assessment have been trusted and been by fortune 500 companies across the country. Celebrities and Politicians alike have trusted us to this day. Our comprehensive package includes:

● Technology Management: planning, support, and documentation
● Network Topology: design, cable plant, and Internet connectivity
● Network Security: firewall, perimeter, physical and wireless security
● Server Infrastructure: hardware, operating systems, and storage
● Network Services: directory services, administrative policies, remote access, and redundancy
● Network Applications: communication, collaboration, and financial management
● Cloud Services
● PC Fleet


Things to Consider to Have a Successful Network Assessment

Identify and visualize your network

Easier said than done. To be able to have a mental image of how and what your network is like to see areas of improvement and better delegate tasks to your field team so that their work will not only be efficient and effective but also precise and accurate.

Prepare the necessary tools and personnel

Once you are able to identify the issue you’d want your team to be able to resolve the issue with the right kind of equipment and the right kind of field expert for that particular issue. This will not only save you time and money to perform but also a form of prevention to a major equipment failure.

Consider your business technical capacity

You have to be honest with yourselves in order to confirm whether or not your business has the technical capability to process it. If not you can rely on 3rd party providers that offer a comprehensive package in Network Assessment.

Safety and Security

When considering the idea of hiring a 3rd party to take care of your network you have to do your research in order to ensure the safety of the entirety of your business.

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