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IT Consulting Services

There are different kinds of businesses: some businesses have the feasibility to hire full-time IT staff, some can’t afford this luxury. Professional consultants and IT technicians can sometimes charge over a hundred dollars per hour and if they can’t afford it that means that some companies might end up suffering from poor technology performance. If you need IT consulting services for your business to change the way your business deals with technology, then hiring Far Out Solutions team is the right fit for your business.

Far Out Solutions provides Managed IT Services that give you affordable, high-quality professional service by using a combination of onsite and offsite support using the latest network management and support software available to match the level of support found at large companies.

Why Far Out Solutions  

  • Immediate support
  • Daily management with remote monitoring
  • Proactive network administration
  • Data backup and recovery solution
  • Network security
  • Onsite and offsite support
  • Emergency Support
  • On-going employee training
  • Technology purchasing buying power
  • Consulting 

Our IT support includes a complete set of services for typical and not-so-typical business needs. All of our PC/Server support and maintenance programs include proactive maintenance on your computers, computer clean-up for better performance, IT consulting, program installation, support, and training to name just a few. 

We are always ready to help! Our technicians are fully qualified and specialize in all aspects of technology support and training. With our modern software, we can take control of your PC within minutes and fix any kind of issue you might have. 

Our goal is to always keep you and your employees up and running and prevent problems from occurring by proactively monitoring your PCs, Servers, network flow, and security. Not only we do computer repair but more importantly, minimize your computer from breaking down in the first place. 

Managed IT Services 

Managed IT service is when the company outsources its IT service to a third-party provider, referred to as Managed Service Provider or MSP. Before going on to discuss the benefits of managed IT services, it’s essential that you concentrate on some crucial aspects of the service. 

Need for Managed IT Services 

A perfect managed IT service will provide the best possible way to minimize cost on technical infrastructures and at the same time help you to reach operational excellence. 

Service provided by Far Out Solutions 

Far Out Solutions’ offer assistance on several individual processes such as managing database, storage, security, managing network system, internet connections, virtual setup, unified communication tools, and several other essential IT components for sustainable business growth.  

Our qualified engineers can guide you through accurate vendor management and corporate policies for scalable technical performance. We focus on services that will provide you maximum end-user satisfaction by optimum utilization of application software and hardware resources. 

Benefits of our services

  • Complete authority on several sophisticated IT tools;
  • Maximum benefit of application software and optimum end-user satisfaction;
  • Production flexibility and decreased dependency on manpower through efficient implementation of the technical environment;
  • More time to concentrate on your business for future growth;
  • Efficient economies of scale.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance ensures a solid functioning enterprise. Hiring Far Out Solutions IT team saves you more money than hiring an in-house technician.

IT Service Management

Important aspect of a Managed IT Support Services is how the service is being managed. Technology might be complex, but your IT Service should be simple.

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