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IT Professional Services

Technology seems to be moving at a rapid speed that is becoming increasingly difficult to stay abreast with. It is no longer possible for every professional to hire and train technical staff for managing their IT support. In the wake of such advancements in technology and increasing needs for better-trained labor, IT-based business outsourcing is becoming important. Furthermore, it is also not cost-effective to maintain servers at office premises, since renting cloud-based storage in a remote server from a data center is more cheap and secure.  

What we do

Since 2003, Far Out Solutions has been providing reliable technical support and IT services to hundreds of professional services. Due to our customer-focused methodology, we offer no-cost site surveys which include a comprehensive report, so that we may competently evaluate all of your organization’s IT needs. Far Out Solutions IT support has never been easier! provide preventative maintenance and disaster recovery planning. Our extensive experience with IT infrastructure across all vertical markets is unsurpassed across the USA. We understand the regulatory requirements for PCI, SOX, and HIPAA compliance. We have years of expertise in testing for and identifying network vulnerabilities and security issues across your platform and ecosystem. Our services are many, and include:  

Why Far Out Solutions

We have decades of experience working with manufacturing, insurance, e-commerce, financial, legal, non-profit, and high-tech industries, among others. Our ROI (return on investment) is unsurpassed and our business continuity solutions, virtualization, and end-to-end information technology solutions are deployed quickly and efficiently, always custom-tailored for your needs. For instance, we can set up wired and wireless networks, provide consultation for the most cost-effective IT solutions for your business, chalk out a detailed plan of action to create an IT infrastructure for your business, and provide IT-based maintenance.  

We specialize in anything from basic networks to VLANs, Physical and Virtual Server setup, Firewall configurations (for both hardware and software firewalls), cloud-based solutions, data backup, disaster recovery, as well as other Business IT Support and Solutions.  

Far Out Solutions can also act as a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) for your organization. A CIO in an organization is responsible for the IT and computer systems that support a company’s goals. A Chief Information Officer can be essential for achieving long-term IT-related/based targets of any enterprise. However, hiring a CIO can cost a fortune and the gains can be less than the cost. Nonetheless, a Virtual CIO costs peanuts as compared to the price of an actual CIO. Furthermore, Virtual CIO services can be acquired by pooling the experience and knowledge of several experienced IT professionals, instead of relying on the experience and instinct of one individual. This makes a Virtual CIO more powerful than the former and can help make an organization increasingly profitable.  If you would like to know more about our Business IT Support and Solutions, we can dispatch a technician to your location for performing a complimentary site survey of your network and server architecture. You can get a first-hand experience of the professional capabilities and courteous service of our IT support team.


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