Multi Residential Property

Multi-unit residential properties such as apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and community centers have unique demands that warrant consistent solutions. As a building owner, landlord, or property manager, you have a huge responsibility to meet – and we at Far Out Solutions are ready to give you the quality help that you deserve. As your top provider of Managed IT services in the field of property management, we are your partner in setting up an enjoyable and secure residential space for your guests and tenants. 

What we do

How we can help you run the perfect IT environment for your multi-unit residential properties?

Your main responsibility as a property owner, landlord, or manager is to make your multi-unit residential building feel like home, 24/7. This is why investing in the right technological security suite is of utmost importance: what you install will be instrumental to the quality of life that you can provide.  

We at Far Out Solutions work with a wide range of IT solutions and systems that are geared towards:  

  • Centralizing access to relevant information, across your company 
  • Helping plan for safe and secure monitoring in your properties 
  • Identifying security risks and planning contingency measures for emergencies and breaches
  • Coordinating offline and online communication for business continuity and functionality 

We work with some of the most trusted brands in the industry to provide everything from WiFi setup and installation to surveillance systems and other security programs that can be customized according to your specific security considerations. We also make sure that our solutions are installed and maintained according to established ethical and security standards and protocols.  

Why Far Out Solutions

Far Out Solutions is among the leading providers of managed IT services in the United States. We specialize in creating custom packages that include the right technology solutions that correspond to your specific needs, fit within your budget, and offer you the most important benefit from such a partnership: your peace of mind.  

Our staff features experts in the various fields of Information Technology, including cybersecurity, physical security design and installation, and IT consulting. Every member of our team draws from extensive experience, compounded by years of training and education, to provide the best equipment and systems to our customers. When you work with us, you don’t only work with IT professionals: you take on real partners that are as invested in your business success as you.  

Far Out Solutions also makes it easy for you to create the perfect Real Property Management package regardless of your budget and your specific requirements. Manage your multi-unit residential property the best way possible today! Choose among our services and talk to us now.  


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