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Network Assessment & Optimization

In today’s rapidly growing environment, implementing network solutions can be challenging because enterprise networks continue to evolve with new technologies. It’s important to understand new technology and address security concerns. We help design, plan, and implement cost-effective solutions to change and optimize your network for performance improvements. Explore the ways our consulting services enable you to deliver the best customer service experience, ensure business continuity and increase overall efficiency.

What we do

We can provide you with clear solutions and empower you to take control of your IT investments. Our process is simple: fully understand the business requirements, evaluate the IT infrastructure and IT services, and provide affordable recommendations that help align your IT with what matters to you.

Because of the fact that companies lack essential network documentation, we’ve designed and provided network assessments to customers. Our network documentation and network assessment service provide consultative services where we share our knowledge, practices, and experiences so you could succeed.

Many companies that come for network assessments are experiencing issues with their networks. We recommend not to wait until something happens to your network and problems arise. If you’re lacking the insight to analyze the performance of your network, call us, and the Far Out Solutions engineering team will provide you with a consultation, network diagrams, network inventory, recommendations, designing and optimizing your network to meet your business goals.

Detailed documentation

IT network documentation is critical for organizations. Research has shown that companies with comprehensive network documentation are ten times more likely to have a secured, optimized, and cost-effective IT infrastructure that is aligned with business goals and operations. Network documentation is important for regulatory compliance and insurance purposes. It is also critical for providing company executives with relevant information for effective decision-making on future IT investments.  

Far Out Solutions uses a systematic approach to catalog your existing IT assets and evaluate your IT services. Our approach also documents recommendations made by our certified engineers to enhance network security and optimize the IT network. To facilitate the decision-making process by your organization, we include relevant financial information for the technical recommendations we make.


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