Office 365 Migration Offer - fos

Accelerate your company’s digital transformation with Office 365 migration. Far Out Solutions can help you migrate legacy systems, cloud files, mail, and Microsoft Office 365 into Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. We maintain data integrity with a high level of security.

We are proven tenant migration experts with all the knowledge and experience to help you migrate and upgrade SharePoint where it needs to be. Far Out Solutions experienced staff knows that migrations can be complex so we offer a complete set of services whether you plan to lift and shift or take a more strategic approach, we will support you every step.

Our complete set of services means that our team of Microsoft-certified engineers will help you Discover, Migrate, and Monitor all the processes.
In the Discovery stage, we identify required, relevant, sensitive content before you migrate to Office 365, and eliminate all potential risks. In the Migration stage, we move data to the cloud or SharePoint. We will keep your data together so it won’t impact users. The monitoring stage is when we keep an eye on your migration process. We help you customize reports to be always on point.
With our Azure-hosted Saas solution, you can move, migrate, or restructure cloud content in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. Our Saas solution enables you to simply login and begin your next move. Built-in discovery, mapping, and scheduling will allow you to clean up or clean out data and reach your goals on time and within budget.
What benefits can Office 365 migration have?
  • Digitally transformed – Ensuring that your data is properly and securely represented in your modern workplace.
  • Improved data quality – We add structure for improved quality and extra security.
  • Minimal business impact – IT teams get increased efficiency, and it’s back to business as usual for end users.

If you want to upgrade and migrate to the cloud, it is your chance to do it now! Far Out Solutions offer first-class migration services and ensure your content will be moved with high efficiency and security. For more information, you can always contact us at