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Password Hacking: Best Way to Prevent It

A lot of today’s network breakdown can be traced back to a single system that has been hacked through its password. Unreasonable as it may sound but a company’s asset and all its confidential information can be manipulated by a hacker who has now gained access to one single system. Shared folders, network drives, spreadsheets, and company receivables are just a few examples of what a small-time password hacker can have access to, would you or anyone else in the company let this ever happen?


Password complexity

Simple prevention would suffice, which can be achieved by implementing a password that has the following criteria.

• Should be at least 8-15 characters long
• Should have an upper case and lower case
• Should have a special character (!@#$%)
• Should have been different from the last 10 passwords that have been used

These restrictions are enforced by most companies in their corporate system. An employee is required to change his/her password every month or every quarter depending on the implementation. However, the threat still exists as 81% of data breaches happen because of passwords. As mentioned by Myki.

The likelihood of one user/company employee trying to use a weak or obvious password is more common than you think. These individuals are either fond of having an easy way of logging into their system or worse keeping their password on a notepad or sticky notes, both are potential risks to the company. Having said all that, the best way to prevent all these potential threats is by eliminating the point of entry, a strong and complex password will go a long way.


Password Manager

One of the best ways to keep your password guarded is through a Password Manager, gone are the days where you have to always worry about your password as a potential risk to the company. There are now services that allow you to update your password with ease, store them and have it encrypted. These are just a few safeguards to have in place for added security. Make no mistake Password Manager services are nothing like the Windows Credential Manager for Windows OS or Keychain in MAC OS, it is more secure and complicated than that. All these protection and prevention can only do so much, you as an employee should be vigilant on how you manage and keep your own password.

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