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Remote IT Support Services

Remote computer support refers to a secure remote access connection to a server or computer in a different location through a desktop sharing application. Remote Desktop is the fastest way to get your problem resolved.

Who uses Remote Desktop Support? 

A big part of IT Support is supporting your network of computers, printers, and servers. You can benefit from Remote Desktop Support if you need new users, email modifications, account settings, protection protocols changed, and more. 

Remote Control 

Far Out Solutions support personnel can assume full control of your systems without having to install applications on your workstations or servers. Your problems are solved as if we were sitting right at the desk. 

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics gathers technical information about your computer with a single click. Our support personnel reviews current details about the operating system, service packs, IP configuration, free and total memory, and much more, quickly and easily without requiring help from the customer. Once collected, the diagnostic information can be saved, attached to a Helpdesk incident, or exported to standard formats for future reference. 

Remote Help Desk Computer Support Services

Our remote IT support specialists can remotely diagnose computer repair issues using screen sharing technology while you watch! We can fix Windows, macOS, Linux, printer, virus, web browser, iPod, MP3 player, blackberry, and other issues! With remote support, a technician can connect to your computer and troubleshoot issues or help you over the phone right now! 

Our team can repair thousands of issues, including:

  • Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS issues;
  • Install/uninstall software, drivers, applications;
  • Configure Windows Firewall and other security software;
  • Troubleshoot browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other) error messages;
  • Support printers, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDA, iPod, and many more;


  • Real-time support while you watch and learn!
  • Superior technicians ready to serve you now!
  • Secure and easy connection!
  • Minimize downtime!
  • Fast response in the comfort of your office or home!
  • Cost-effective – your dedicated technician at a very affordable rate!

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