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Security Systems: Protecting Your Most Valued Assets

Our businesses and homes are places we feel secure in. Building security is a preventative measure taken to avoid loss or damage sustained during an attack or breach. Oftentimes, however, we fail to place a strong emphasis on protecting not only the physical structures but also the people who are in the dwellings, the equipment, and the data contained therein. A few simple measures can protect your assets from theft, damage, or compromise.


Physical Access Controls

Access control is the process of restricting access to a particular location within a building or dwelling. Items that can be controlled include, but are not limited to, doors, safes, gates or turnstiles. Some ways to gain access to these areas are through the use of PINs, fingerprints, badges, facial scans and key fobs.


Network Access Controls

In addition to securing access to physical areas in your location, you can also secure network access. Some examples of network access include fire alarms, intruder alarms, lighting, and CCTV. Network access can be unique to each user, which is beneficial in businesses. Network access in homes can be also be allocated according to the user.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance enables users to monitor activity and conditions in and around a building from a remote location. The activity is recorded in real-time and can be collected and stored if desired. Surveillance not only protects buildings from potential break-ins but can also protect against vandalism as well. Surveillance is popular among homeowners as they can view their homes from their mobile devices when on vacation.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is another component of security systems that protect locations from intruders. Some examples of perimeter security include fences, railings, walls, and gates. These structures deter potential intruders from attempting to gain unauthorized access to the property. For heightened security, detection systems and sensors can determine if a person is physically present on a property. Locations needing protection for operations find great benefit to detection systems. Examples of these types of companies would be correctional institutions, government buildings, transportation facilities, and utility buildings.


Insurance Benefits

The addition of security systems can help you earn discounts on your insurance. Whether for a business or a home, many insurance companies provide policy discounts when additional security measures are established. It is felt that these systems reduce risk and are less likely to originate an insurance claim. You should ask your insurance advisor how a security system could help reduce your premiums. This is just one additional way that preventative measures can benefit your home or office.

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