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Server Managed IT Service

The server should be maintained to prevent data loss, viruses, infections, malware, system slowdown, and ensure compatibility. Maintaining a server requires a network administrator to implement proactive and preventive maintenance by monitoring the server’s performance simultaneously. If you leave your servers without any maintenance, there will be one question left: when it will get crashed

Server Maintenance and Server Monitoring

Protect your infrastructure with a monthly server maintenance plan. Make sure error logs are resolved, system updates are installed and patches are completed. We offer server maintenance packages to ensure your servers are functioning correctly. For servers that require additional levels of support, regular on-site support is also available.

Server Installation

We specialize in server installs for small to large businesses. Server install needs averagely between 8–16 hours; however, every business has different requirements, and installation may take longer. We will arrange the installation around a time frame that is best suited for your operating hours to guarantee the least amount of downtime. Server installs are a quoted service. Request a quote or call to set up an appointment with one of our lead IT analysts.  

Server Upgrades and Server Updates

Server upgrades are different from server updates. Upgrades refer to the physical components of your server. Updates refer to the critical software updates on your server. They are both very important for the life span of your server.
Through the server monitoring plans that we offer; our IT consultants can ensure that your servers maintain both critical updates and virus protection updates. For server upgrades such as memory and hard drive improvements, please contact us to determine the best server upgrade solutions for your needs.  

Work Directly with Dell

Far Out Solutions is registered with the Dell program. This means we work directly with Dell to get you the best available prices and solutions for your business.

IT Services Contracts and Managed Services

Our pricing depends on your business needs. Some businesses are small enough that they only need an IT support technician occasionally. Unless it’s a large project, these services are normally handled at an hourly rate.
However, most of the clients we work with require a more intensive support package due to their size or needs. For these businesses, we offer an IT Support contract that is tailored to meet the business needs. We have packages that include a set amount of hours per week to more involved packages that include dedicated support each day. The best option is to talk with one of our IT analysts about what you’re specifically looking for and what your designated budget is.  

Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft is known for the variety of software options it provides businesses everything from Microsoft Small Business Server to Microsoft Exchange. What most businesses don’t realize is that selecting the right version will be important to ensure your other propriety programs work efficiently.  

Some Microsoft Solutions aren’t supported or won’t work if you don’t have the right type of server with correct computer components like memory and hard drive size. 
Our IT Consultants will work with you to determine what will work best for how your business operates. We’ll examine ideas such as hosted exchange or VPNs or specific applications for remote access. 
If you already have an established server running Microsoft Exchange, we can work with you to manage your Exchange migrations, improve spam filtering, or improve the efficiency of the current setup.

Monthly Backup Maintenance

Ensure that your critical company data is backed up properly and securely. Lightning storms and computer malfunctions can cause your online and offline backup systems to fail without notice.  

Far Out Solutions will check server logs, confirm backups, and repair failure messages on a monthly or more frequent basis.


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