IT Operational Complexity by Removing Disparate Technologies

Simplify IT Operational Complexity by Removing Disparate Technologies

When dealing with complexity in technology, what we have to realize is that the continuous developments and improvements upon the technologies that we are currently using. Combined with our desire to adopt the latest and greatest products, and architectures, it has innocently lead us to the operational complexities we are now forced to manage.

This compulsive behavior has bombarded us with obsolete technology and desperate attempts to integrate it with the current one. Simply put, that is like trying to fit a PS/2 mouse/keyboard cable to the USB port of your computer. To all my geek friends that got that reference kudos! And for the rest, here’s a complete breakdown. There used to be a time when your mouse and keyboards were attached to your system using a cable known as a PS/2 or Personal System/2 port. It has a color designation, green to your mouse, and purple to your keyboard, this is to ensure that you will be plugging it to the designated port. When the USB port is further introduced to all systems, this type of cable is no longer used.


SimplicityWhy Go with Simplicity?

As with all aspects of life, simplicity offers a kind of freedom that you can only get when everything is easily accessed, integrated, organized, processed, and analyzed. Time is literally equivalent to money! Does your team spend hours manually collating information that is sitting idle in their systems or trying to figure out which technology option is more valuable or more efficient for your project?

This is a “Red Flag” confirming the fact that your complex IT architecture doesn’t allow the use of efficient programs that allow the input of information in real-time for analysis based on the script that you have developed. This concept alone will save your company a huge amount of money. The consolidation of assets and processes will give way to much more efficient and productive outcomes for all types of businesses.


Integration and Consolidation

As mentioned above, not all technology, applications, hardware, software, and other peripherals can or will be able to be a part of the integration process. There are so many factors to consider when attempting to do so.

This process however will eliminate the complexity and disorder in the company. When chaos is now organized and the once seemingly impossible task of getting things done can be processed in a few minutes then you can start consolidating. Taking everything that will no longer be needed adding all essential parts of the project and removing things that will no longer make sense to the said project. This part might seem vague and too generalized because our aim is to show you that this aspect does not only apply with technology but in the entirety of your business. You wouldn’t want to have your secretary using a typewriter then going to the post office to mail a simple reply letter, would you? Of course not, those practices are no longer used in any form of business today. If you need immediate assistance with your growing business, we at Far Out Solutions specialize in making everything in your business less complicated and more efficient to deal with by applying the most efficient and simplistic information technology.


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