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State and Local Government IT Solutions

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As public funds continue to shrivel, state and local governments are increasingly turning to the Internet to trim technology costs and better manage information services. Cloud computing not only makes it possible to access information from anywhere at any time, but also to shed internal IT infrastructure in favor of renting software applications from remote providers.

State and Local Government

“Powers not granted to the Federal government are reserved for States and the people, which are divided between state and local governments”.

The majority of Americans have more contact with State and Local Government than with the Federal Government. Usually, police departments, schools, libraries, parking tickets are under the oversight of State and Local Governments. Each state has its own written constitution which sometimes is more elaborated than its Federal counterparts.


There are 4 branches of State and Local Government that includes

  • Executive Branch – headed by the governor who is directly elected by the people.
  • Judicial Branch – usually led by the State supreme court. The supreme court focuses on correcting errors made in lower courts.
  • Legislative Branch – all 50 states have elected representatives (legislatures) who consider matters introduced by the governor. The legislature also approves a State’s budget and initiates tax legislation and articles of impeachment.
  • Local Government – include two tiers: countries or cities/towns. Municipalities are defined by the State constitutions.

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