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Successful Focused Marketing Campaigns Utilizing Captive Portals

Offering WiFi accessibility is virtually a marketing requirement for businesses. Today’s customers demand instant and consistent connection to the Internet, and smart entrepreneurs know that they need to deliver. If you offer this service to your clients, you are already familiar with the ways that it has helped your business marketing. But did you know that you can even step it up further with captive portals?


Simply put, a captive portal is a page that a public WiFi network user has to access before you can connect to the network. If you’ve ever tried signing in to a public network as a guest, you have no doubt seen this page. Now, as a business, the captive portal is one of the best tools that you can use to improve the ways by which you:

  • Know your customers
  • Engage with your customers
  • Manage your customer journeys; and
  • Build customer loyalty

How? Let’s discuss.


Gathering Analytics

Captive portals allow your business to track the online activities of your guests or customers while they are connected to your WiFi network. This means that you will be treated to a whole new world of data that will inform you on various important points in your customers’ specific journeys: what they are interested in, what they avoid, etc. Additionally, you can get to know your customers more, based on their demographics.


Boosting Brand Recognition

Captive portals can also be customized according to your unique requirements, which makes them some of the most pliable tools that you can have for marketing. On such a page, you can host anything from a banner to a 30-second advertisement about your products or services, which can do wonders for your brand recognition and related marketing goals.

Easing Connectivity

Finally, captive portals make it fun and engaging for people to connect to your public WiFi. If you have ever had to painstakingly input an open network’s SSID and password onto a login page, you know how stressful the process can be; a captive portal takes care of all that by enabling guests to log into your network with a single tap on a button.


Other Benefits

Still, need more incentive? Captive portals also help you:


Manage your bandwidth.

Running a public WiFi comes with the risk of going over acceptable bandwidth scopes, especially if you cannot manage it on your end. After all, guests can opt to stream videos in HD and end up hogging all the resources of the network. With a captive portal, you can set bandwidth limitations that will allow all your guests to have a fairly ideal browsing experience, as network resources are balanced and full functionality can be implemented.


Avoid lawsuits.

You can also reduce the potential for legal headaches with a captive portal. This feature typically comes with a required acceptable usage policy that a guest has to agree with before they can access the network. If that guest ends up committing something illegal online, you are saved from the liability of such a situation.

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