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Top Business and Technology Trends in 2021

2020 has been a difficult year for both humans and businesses. The main reason is that many things have changed that need adaptation. We’ve seen huge shifts in a working environment – a lot of offices are locked and people are starting to adapt to working from home.

We are all beginning to master working digitally and seek support from various apps such as Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc.

In 2021 it’s important to prepare ourselves and our businesses for a new era of technology.

It’s important to take some time and look from a different angle – the COVID19 pandemic has fastened cloud-based data implementation for every business and therefore raised the demand for a remote workforce. A lot of businesses start to find solutions to have a fruitful 2021. Companies tend to increase technology budgets and invest in third-party managed services. MSP now is needed more than ever.


What is a Managed IT ServiceWhat is a Managed IT Service?

Managed IT services include every kind of technological service and support handled by an outside company through a cloud-based platform. Those information technological solutions provide 24 hours of monitoring, support, and on-time troubleshooting.

For instance, managed IT service may include: remote monitoring; management of your network; managing live video conferences; server maintenance; cloud-based storage, and taking cybersecurity measures.


What can MSP do for modern businesses?

You would have already noticed that the vast majority of businesses are moving to the cloud. There are some reliable service providers, such as Microsoft – Office 365 and Google – G Suite – both of them are on the cloud.

There was a time when managing services was harder because there was only one way to deal with technical issues and find solutions for an everyday task in the office. During that time, if a server had a malfunction the only solution was to call a professional, explain the problem and find solutions afterward.

In the 21st century, people try to save time and be more productive so that waiting for problems to arise and solve them afterward by yourself isn’t an effective option. Dependency on technology, automated systems, and digital databases has increased so companies tend to seek reliable solutions for their business. If a network goes down or an e-mail server is out of function, you’ll encounter a loss in productivity and revenue which could be disastrous.

Due to the higher risks, there’s a need for security and managed IT support to prevent failures and develop your company.


When there’s a need for technical support there are two options:   

Physically – Calling a technician to your location for diagnosing and fixing the problem afterward, charging an hourly rate.

Managed IT Services – which gives you all-around monitoring and consistent relationship between you and service provider, charging you a monthly service fee.

Physically service solutions might not sound good considering that the harder is the issue the more money your company has to pay; you can’t trust technician because they get paid every time you call them which means they would love to be called more often; the hourly rate may mean prolonged repair time.


managed IT support is good for smallWhy managed IT support is good for small companies?

Operational efficiency plays a major part in every company, but not all businesses are equally equipped to maintain this efficiency. Small businesses have limited IT resources because they can’t invest a lot of money in which means they can be lagged easily in the latest IT trends, updates, network management, cybersecurity.

For many small companies’ ideal solution is managed IT support which is offered by Far Out Solutions.

The future is now!


The earlier you adapt to new technologies more competitive your business will be. With early adoption comes the need to learn and acquire all essential skills quickly.  You’ll need a lot of time to develop all the necessary skills or money to train or hire staff. The easier and most reliable solution is to use a managed IT provider.


If you’re still unsure whether managed IT solutions are right for your business you can contact the Far Out Solutions team, which offers the best support service for a good value.

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