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Over the last few months there has been a debate in our industry about when and how technology companies should work with the government, and specifically whether companies should supply digital technology to the military, including here in the United States. We believe in the strong defense of the United States and we want the people who defend it to have access to the nation’s best technology. We appreciate the important new ethical and policy issues that artificial intelligence is creating for weapons and warfare.

Experience is required to solve the Department of Defense’s challenges. Cybersecurity strategy is as mission-critical as military applications. By connecting those two pieces, we can speed up coordination and increase readiness.

Selling Information Technology (IT) products and services to the military involves fulfilling an existing need. The majority of products the U.S. Department of Defense purchases involve individual transactions of $100,000 or less, according to the department. Most business is conducted through purchase orders to local suppliers. For procurement’s costing more than $100,000, the Defense Department solicits sealed competitive bids. According to the Defense Department, small businesses, disadvantaged small businesses, and those owned by women are of particular interest to its purchasing department. The Defense Department advises small-business owners to learn on their own the proper procedures for contacting and submitting proposals. 


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