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Windows 7 is Retiring! What to do?

Microsoft made a huge announcement that after a decade they are now going to retire one of their most popular and most successful OS to date. Windows 7 will be considered obsolete starting January 14, 2020. Resources dedicated to the support and development for this OS will now be allocated to their new OS, Windows 10. A lot of people and companies are getting worried that the technical assistance or even the software updates are no longer going to be available. Microsoft is urging everyone to get Windows 10 before the said date. That is all well and good, but the reality of it is not everyone has the system to support the newest operating system that they have to offer.

The minimum hardware requirements are:

● 1GHz or faster processor
● 1Gb RAM or more for 32-bit/ 2Gb RAM or more for 64-bit
● Hard disk space of at least 16Gb for 32-bit OS / 20Gb for 64-bit OS
● The Graphics card should be DirectX 9 or later
● Display of 800×600

Even if they do, most consumers are already so used to the Windows 7 OS that it’ll be a huge leap. Although the intuitive UI (user interface) is easy to get the hang of, there is still that hanging notion of comfort that most people are used to.


What We Should Expect When the Inevitable Day Comes

First,, there’ll be no more security updates to help secure your system. No more technical assistance provided for the outdated OS. This actually means that your system will now start to be vulnerable to hackers and other cybercrime. It’s not that we are getting forced to upgrade, it’s just that at this point we do not have any other options. Sure, you can try Unbuntu or other open system OS, you have remembered these open system does not have even the slightest protection that Microsoft is offering, hence the inevitable upgrade.


The Good News or Should I Say the Silver Lining

All brand new systems that are sold today have Windows 10 already pre-installed, or at least the bundle that comes with it. There used to be a free update that sadly ended a few years ago. All application has to be reinstalled, for it to work with your new OS. Companies and computers at home are given constant reminders to update to the newest OS, again if you want to keep your system safe you really have to.


Windows 10 Basics

Users that have been stuck with the soon to be obsolete Windows 7 will be glad to know that Windows 10 has a lot in common with it.
● Start Button. It used to be shaped as a spherical icon with a 3D windows icon in it. Now it has a flat-looking windows icon that I personally prefer.
● UI (user interface) most laptops nowadays offer a touch screen feature that Windows 10 has built-in integration, meaning there will be no setup needed upon purchase, it’ll be working as it is. The theme is also going to be black with a blue windows icon that seems to be lit up from the back as the default wallpaper.
● Privacy and Security. Like its predecessor, automatic updates are already turned on by default. You may choose to change this in the settings to fit your schedule and overall lifestyle.


Windows 10 is simply the best and most powerful OS Microsoft has yet to offer. Oh! I’d like to take a quick second to thank the actual predecessor to Windows 10, the long-forgotten but absolutely needed Windows 8. There were 2 versions Windows 8 and 8.1 not much different from one another but to be completely honest it was the base form of Windows 10. Much is still to come, let’s hope for a better and faster OS to come. The services that we offer can take care of the update without actually worrying about the process. Protect yourself from risks such as ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, and other well-known viruses. Updating your OS will surely take its toll on you. Worry no more and contact us to get you updated to Windows 10 today.

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